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Founded in 1994

World leading international insitution producing authentic classical and modern literature to promote the ancient Islamic tradition of Naat Sharif - lyrical eulogies of the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allaho alayhi wa sallam).

Naat Research Centre (NRC)

Naat Research Centre (NRC) is a unique institution devoted to the genre of Naat among all the genres of Urdu poetry. This institution was established in Pakistan 1995 as a Charitable Trust. The purpose of the establishment is to collect, organize, explore, research and promote Naat literature and provide facilities for research in Naat’ literature.

NRC is the brain-child of Syed Sabih Rehmani who is known for his melodious recitation of Naat Sharif at religious and secular events in Pakistan and abroad. He has collected a significant amount of research on Naat literature.

Naat Research Centre (NRC) supports the delivery of educational and informational lectures and certificate courses on the subject and field of Naat Sharif in multiple languages. Under the Umbrella of Naat research Center we encourage accrediting and acknowledging works of Naat Sharif in all forms. We Provide assistance and guidance to students and awarding stipends and Work with institutions to promote Naat Sharif in particular and education in general.

We offer scholarships to qualifying students engaged in research of Naat Sharif, and publicise critical and academic research undertaken on Naat Sharif anywhere in the world.

NRC Partners educational institutions to increase knowledge, through Naat Sharif, in order to enhance understanding of different cultures and faiths, and Establish liaison with and aid the maintenance of educational and institutional centres whenever necessary and to make all possible efforts to promote general educational activities.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Advance education, awareness and development of classical and modern Islamic writing, especially in the form of Naat Sharif.
  2. Publish information, material and literature through multimedia channels to raise public awareness of Naat Sharif.
  3. Organise lectures, symposia, conferences and open meetings to promote world class research of Naat Sharif.
  4. Deliver educational and study facilities, texts, courses, lectures and conducting research and developing new research collaboration between academic centres in the UK and abroad.
  5. Facilitate educational programs to enhance understanding of Islam.
  6. Encourage interfaith dialogue and community cohesion and integration.


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Professor Anwar Ahmed ZaiProfessor Anwar Ahmed Zai
Dr Ifzal Ahmen AnwarDr Ifzal Ahmen Anwar
Dr Irshad Shakir AwanDr Irshad Shakir Awan
Dr Aziz AhsanDr Aziz Ahsan
Dr Abu Sufyan IslahiDr Abu Sufyan Islahi
Dr Muhmmad Ismail Azad FatehpuriDr Muhmmad Ismail Azad Fatehpuri
Dr Syed Yahyaa NasheetDr Syed Yahyaa Nasheet
Dr Shabbir Ahmed QadriDr Shabbir Ahmed Qadri
Syed Shakir ul QadreeSyed Shakir ul Qadree